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Assessment of natural resources

In the course of economic activity an individual constantly uses various natural resources. Therefore, objective and exact assessment of natural resources is an extremely necessary procedure on which all industrial activity of the managing subject could depend.

At present there are two directions in assessment of natural resources: it is an assessment of already cultivated and uncultivated resources. The assessment of already cultivated natural resources means carrying out of the whole complex of actions (depending on a type of resource) including all possible ones for today. For example - the cadastral record-keeping of lands of agricultural purpose or an assessment of natural resources of the used oil fields. Here, everything is assessed: for the lands - fertility of ground, its chemical compound, burial of ground waters, degree of erosion, etc. Eventually a conclusion is made on possibility of further use of lands on the purpose specified.

Assessment of natural resources with reference to oil deposits includes research of the remained stocks, chemical composition and quality of raw material, depth of burial and other parameters. The second key direction of this activity is - assessment of natural resources at uncultivated deposits. The result of this work is a conclusion on perspective use and development of the given resource.

Assessment researches of natural resources can also include the following works:

Assessment of natural resources per se has mainly economic orientation predicting speed and provisional term of deposit depletion or necessity of the new one development.

Our Company is one of few companies in Russia specializing on environmental monitoring and environmental assessment; it has all technical capabilities for comprehensive assessment of natural resources at the territory of our country.

EcoStandard Consulting carries out cost estimating of natural resources including judicial and also indemnification calculation of non-purpose use of natural resources: agricultural lands and lands of settlements, woods and forest ranges, water resources and deposits, minerals.

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